Elegance with reclaimed rustic wood shelving units

If you’ve recently glanced through Instagram and Pinterest then you’ve probably noticed how trendy reclaimed wood shelves have become in homes across the country. Adding a dash of rustic charm to your house has never been easier, from whole accent walls to rustic free-standing shelving units and ladder shelving that come handmade and ready to put up.


Unique grain patterns, holes, saw marks, cuts, and cracks offer a fascinating picture of the wood’s previous life in buildings throughout the UK on each shelf made from solid wood and metal shelving. These wooden shelving units add a soft industrial look to any living space, not to mention a significant shelving area to place family pictures or any other items, like candles or flowers.


Naturally Beautiful, Rustic Furniture

Creating unique, industrial style handmade furniture for home and commercial interiors and outdoor living.

With the use of reclaimed wood bedroom furniture, you can create an attractive and stunning bedroom that others will adore. Storm Interiors has a great selection of reclaimed wood furniture that is excellent for the bedroom and other parts of the house.


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